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Group terms & conditions

1. Arrival & departure

Group rates for 10 people and +.
Check-in starts at 4 pm. Check-out for all of our guests is at 11 am latest.
A free luggage-room storage is at your disposal.

2. Check-in

At your arrival, the group leader (card holder) will be asked a credit card for the group deposit. We will pre-authorise the card for 300 euro. Money will be deducted if members of the group are misbehaving in or outside the building, are drinking alcohol from outside, for damage in the room, or excessive noise...

3. Age restriction

Group bookings cannot be accepted from any person under the age of 16.
If students are less than 16, the chek-in will be refused to your entire group with no refund. The designated group leader is responsible for the group and must accompany the group all along the stay.

4. Confirmation & cancellation

The total amount will be asked before your arrival, through a credit card number or a bank transfer.
You will receive the deadline for any modification/cancellation by written.

5. Alcohol & smoking

Alcohol from outside is not allowed in Vintage’s premises. Alcohol found will be confiscated.
Smoking is not allowed anymore. Any guest found smoking within the buiding will be asked to leave the premises immediately, with no refund.

6. Personal property

Secure lockers for small valuable items are at your disposal at reception desk.

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