Very Nice Staff

Rating: 100

Really great!

Rating: 80

I was overcharged from my air BnB booking that clearly says total cost for our booking 104830 was EUR618.80. I had paid a deposit of EUR 147:55 and this should have come off the total. I asked about this but you would not agree and take advantage of English speaking people. I added on the city tax and you should have charged me EUR 618.80 minus EUR 147.55 deposit plus EUR43.28 city tax. Total should have been EUR 514.53 and you should refund me EUR 117.55 overcharged. I tried to explain this but you would not accept. Gary Burbery

Rating: 80

The beds were bit old and noisy but otherwise everything was perfect!

Rating: 84

Everything was great!

Rating: 92

Some of the people who work the front desk are better than others. Some had only lived there a short time and didn't give me accurate information. I liked the location of this hostel but I didn't find it very social. The room was fine. A shelf would be nice near the phone jack/light so that you have a place to put stuff rather then your phone just lying next to your head. The bathrooms are crazy small even for a hostel. I was banging my elbows while washing my hair. The gym doesn't get used because it says private on the door and is confusing to find!

Rating: 72

The prices and nearly is everything . This Hostel has two aspect very important . I have enjoyed my stay . I come back soon . Merci

Rating: 92

Les chambres sont minimalistes, mais il n'en faut guère plus, si l'on n'y vient que pour dormir. Les draps et la salle de bain sont propres, c'est très bien ! ... En revanche, la moquette mériterait d'être remplacée. Si l'occasion devait se présenter, nous reviendrons avec plaisir.

Rating: 72

Clean and cosy room, good location near station But I come to a youth hostel to meet other people in the evening, to sit together in a cauch, to play games. it is not a cosy hostel at all. There is little space to sit together, nobody stays downstairs. staff is just sitting behind a desk like in a hotel. Breakfast is not very good and expensive for what you get: ik got better coffe and better food for breakfast in the bakery next door for less money...

Rating: 64

The matress I slept on was extremely worn out and gave me back pain. It should be changed.

Rating: 70


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